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Funding Your Business

One of my best friends, Judy Robinett, is an investor. She works with Angels, VC’s, and family offices all day long. To her, their acronyms and lingo are common, so when she talks to me it is in investment-ese. I catch about half of what she says, but she just did me the biggest favor and I think it will help you too – especially if you are looking to get funding through an investor or even a bank.

She just wrote a book titled “Crack the Funding Code.” It is like a funding for Dummies book! She explains all the acronyms, the different types of investors, what they are looking for, and how to get them to invest in your business.

Judy’s book goes into detail about how to find an investor interested in your type of product, how to put your business plan and pitch deck together, and last but not least, how to pitch to win. Not every investor is interested in your product; they all have their interest and niche. You may put together a beautiful pitch, have the perfect numbers and business plan but it won’t help at all if you are in the wrong room. Getting in the right room is critical and Judy teaches you how.

I recommend this book to everyone in business. It has so many good tips we can all use in just day-to-day business practices. It is now going to sit on my desk as a reference that I know I will use over and over. Happy Reading!