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How to Increase Your Integrity

Author: Wendy J. English, Director of the Box Elder SBDC

Having integrity as a business owner is important in getting and maintaining clients and employees.

One thing I love about working in Box Elder County is the level of integrity I see everyday from the small businesses I work with. It is also something we can all work on our whole lives, especially honoring the commitments we make to ourselves!

Here is a small quiz to give ourselves every now and again to check and make sure we are on track with our personal integrity.  I hope it helps us all keep on track:

⦁    Do I genuinely try to be honest in all of my interactions with others?

⦁    Do I typically walk my talk?

⦁    Am I clear on my values?  Do I feel comfortable in standing up for them?

⦁    Am I open to the possibility of learning new truths that may cause me to rethink issues or even redefine my values?

⦁    Am I able to consistently make and keep commitments to myself?

⦁    What are some commitments I have made to myself? Am I keeping them?

⦁    What are some new commitments I can make to myself?