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Targeting a Younger Audience? Hit YouTube!

I am not a Gen Z, but I have found myself spending more and more time on YouTube, so it wasn’t surprising to me to learn that the Gen Z’s are spending most of their online time there.  The members of Gen Z have almost abandoned traditional television viewing, opting to consume their entertainment on their phones, tablets and laptops. This has led producers to follow them to YouTube.

The average Gen Z (13 – 25) spends 3.4 hours a day online watching videos and most of that on YouTube. The two other platforms following this, but not closely, are Facebook and Instagram.

Why YouTube? You can find about anything there, which is good and bad.  The producers can own everything they make, and the audience can have a relationship with the creators, which really isn’t available on any other platform. The price is right for the consumer because all of the costs are eaten up by advertisers.

If you are considering a younger crowd, YouTube is your platform, but remember this as well, the consumer in this platform expects professional grade product. It is getting harder and harder on YouTube to create a following if your content is made in your office and on your phone. The expectation of good-looking content is growing.

I spend about an hour on YouTube a day, sometimes more if I am watching a movie. I catch up on the news, health information and entertainment there. If I do that, it may be a good idea to jump on board no matter who your demographic is.

If you need help figuring out your content and putting together a quality product, come in and visit us. We would love to assist you.