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Trust and Complexity (Weird title, right?)

Trust and Complexity Makes for a Great Team

Why on earth would I put trust and complexity in the same sentence? What do they have to do with each other and how are they connected?


As I watch successful entrepreneurs, they have a team beside them they trust. Guy Fieri, the man behind and in front of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” trusts his team. He is able to do this because his team knows and understands where he is every minute of the day, what he’s doing and what they are supposed to do. Every day before 5pm the schedule for the next day is done. It isn’t really a schedule as we think of one – his outlines every single detail of the day and who is doing what. Every minute of the workday is accounted for and everyone knows their part in it to make it a successful day. It puts everyone in the company on the same page and avoids wasting a person’s most precious commodity: time.


To be a healthy human, we must be complex. What that means is we have several dimensions of ourselves that we regularly participate in; it isn’t all work and no play, or no outside talents. Let’s say we were in a car accident and lost our ability to use our legs. What if we had completely dedicated our life to being in production, we knew nothing else, it was all we cared about and all we did during our waking hours? Who would we be then? There would be nothing left in the egg basket to pull out to save us. We need to have our work, relationships, hobbies and talents that we work on regularly to be a healthy and whole human being. Now back to trust. If we don’t have an organized team around us that we trust and who know their place in our organization, how can we be complex? If we don’t surround ourselves with capable members of our team, who we trust with P&L’s, company challenges and worries, etc., our lives will be consumed with our work and there will be no space for anything else. That lack of complexity hinders our ability to be creative, think clearly, and have the vision we need to build success around us.

So as we start the new year, let’s contemplate our team and build that team to a place where not only us as owners, but our team as well can have a complex and fulfilling life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!