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Finding Product Ideas

Googling for product trendsI have been reading the most informative training manual. It’s called “The Shopify Guide: How to Find a Product to Sell Online.” Whether we have an established business or not, I think it is important to watch what is going on around us; it may give us the creative juices to head a different direction, or to enhance and improve what we already do.

When looking for ideas, one of the best ways is to think about the pain points or frustrating experiences we have in our own lives, or those that our customers have. Most successful businesses have come out of this simple task! Watch Facebook ads for one day and you will see that most of them are targeting a problem and selling a solution. Think about your own purchases in the last month; how many of them have been to solve a particular challenge or problem you are facing? The cool thing about challenges is they are all around us and everyone has them.

Another space to look towards for inspiration is Main Street America. Paying attention to trends in local brick and mortar retail might spark ideas for products to take online. For example, the guide describes a successful company called “Yummy Tummy Soup Company” that sends out healthy homemade soups, cakes, and pastries in a thoughtful care package. It was developed after the creators saw a brick and mortar shop and decided to translate it online.

One thing that really excited me about this guide is the following information: there are online trend publications! Now, I watch for trends- I google search trends in specific areas all the time but I didn’t know there were actual publications who have done all the work for me! So if you want to see what is trending (like I do!), watch the following online trend publications. The top three are Trend Watching, Trend Hunter and Springwise. Springwise is free, but I think there is a small fee for the other two.

If you don’t know of a product to sell, consider finding one by choosing an industry first. By using various online tools you can discover and follow influencers in the industry you’re interested in, and following the right people on social media can help inspire new ideas of your own. To find influencers in your industry,  go to Topsy, FollowerWonk or Littlebird. Their “influence” might just guide you to the next big thing!

Hopefully some of these ideas spur you on to greater success!